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Maus School, Spanish language school in Seville

Get to know our school

COVID-19 protocols at Maus School. Maus School complies with the measures established by the health authorities.
How to Get a Student Visa for Spain
Spanish language School in Seville. Since 2008, Maus School has specialised exclusively in teaching Spanish.

COVID-19. Do you have any questions?

We are complying with all official guidelines to combat COVID-19 and are implementing all the recommended health and safety measures throughout our school to ensure that Maus School is a clean and safe place.

More information

Spanish courses in Seville. Learn Spanish from home. Native teachers at levels A1 to C2. More than 1,000 students learn with us every year.

Student visas

If you’re not from the European Union and are planning to stay in Spain for more than 90 days, you must apply for a visa.

If you enrol at Maus School, you can apply for a student visa to live in Spain. This visa will also allow you to travel freely within EU Schengen territory.

Read more about visas

Social Media

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what daily life is like at Maus School.

You’ll see examples of the fun activities we offer with our Culture&Fun Programme, which is included in our in-person courses.


Spanish language school in Seville

Our In-Person Spanish Courses in Seville

We offer a range of Spanish courses in Seville, adapted to your needs and language level, from beginner to advanced. All you need to do is tell us when you want to start your course, do a placement test if necessary, enrol, and start learning Spanish.

Online Spanish Courses

You’ll have all the advantages of being in a class with your classmates and teacher from wherever you are in the world. All our teachers are professional, fully qualified, native linguists. They are highly experienced, knowledgeable.

Culture&Fun Programme

You’ll visit the most famous tourist attractions and places in Spain and Portugal, and go to the best beaches and parties. With our help, you’ll learn about and understand our customs. You’ll also experience and come to understand our culture through our eyes, not just those of a tourist. You are going to have magical nights of partying, we are going to take you to surprising natural environments.

MausHaus student accommodation

Our MausHaus student flats are designed so that you feel happy. Flats are shared with other young international students like you. Living in a shared flat is an excellent opportunity to make friends and share your experience in Seville. All our flats are located in the centre of Seville.

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Spanish Swear Words – 8 Examples You Should Learn

Spanish Swear Words – 8 Examples You Should Learn

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Student Accommodation in Seville

Student Accommodation in Seville

Are you looking for student accommodation in Seville? When it comes to finding student accommodation in Seville, you should keep in mind that having a decent place to live is key to making your time in Seville an amazing experience....

Spanish Greetings – 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Spanish Greetings – 5 Things to Keep in Mind

How do you greet someone in Spanish? "Hola" (or any other greeting) is normally the first thing you say to someone to start a conversation. That’s why knowing how to greet someone in the language you’re learning is essential for...

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