COVID-19 Protocols at Maus School

3 February, 2021 | Language School

COVID-19 protocols at Maus School

Maus School is following all the safety measures established by the health authorities, in its Contingency Plan to combat the spread of the coronavirus known as “COVID-19”.

All our in-person classes are also delivered live via Zoom.

Therefore, if a student is unable to attend due to quarantine, illness or any other personal reasons, they can still participate in their classes from anywhere in the world. They will receive all the lesson materials and will be able to interact and participate in the activities fully as if they were present in the classroom.

Protocolo contra el COVID-19 en Maus School. Maus School cumple con las medidas establecidas por las autoridades sanitarias.

Measures adopted by Maus School to prevent the spread of COVID-19 include the following:

– Strict implementation of its COVID-19 Contingency and Action Plan, developed specifically for Maus School by the risk prevention company Antea. (see protocol)

– Signposting of safety guidelines throughout the school premises.

– Mandatory wearing of face masks in all areas. Access will not be permitted if masks are incorrectly fitted.

– Plentiful handwashing facilities and hand sanitiser available to students throughout the school.

– Air purifiers installed in all classrooms and common areas.

– Sanitising of chairs and tables after each class.

– Natural and fan ventilation in classrooms and common areas.

– Contactless temperature-checking of staff and students before entering the school.

– Disinfectant floor mats in the entrance.

– Social distancing of teachers and students in classrooms.

– Regulation and management of indoor traffic throughout the site.

– Protocol for the use of toilets and disinfection after each use.

– Classroom protocol to minimise contact, sharing of objects, etc.

– Staff who are dedicated to complying with and enforcing the safety measures and security rules.

– Provision of detailed information about measures. Each student receives protocol instructions and regular updates in person and via email about the current situation and any change in instructions issued by the health and governmental authorities.

At Maus School, we are firmly committed to raising awareness of and preventing COVID-19.

Protocolo contra el COVID-19 en Maus School. Maus School cumple con las medidas establecidas por las autoridades sanitarias.

You can be assured that we are complying with all measures imposed by the health authorities and are working proactively for the safety of everyone, especially our students and staff who place their trust in our school.


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