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FAQs: Culture & Fun Programme

What is the Culture & Fun Programme?

Our Culture & Fun (C&F) Programme provides fun social and cultural activities that all our students can take part in.

It’s the perfect complement to your Spanish course.

We organise activities every week, such as trips, cultural visits, parties, concerts, language exchanges, and days at the beach or to the countryside…there’s something for everyone!

Every week is different, and you can join in whenever you want.

Are C&F activities included in the price of my Spanish course?

Most of the time, yes.

When there are extra costs to Maus School (hotel accommodation, transport, entry to monuments and museums, etc.), we ask students to cover these costs.

Travelling with Maus School is always the cheapest option because we get fantastic student group discounts everywhere.

Do I have to participate in the C&F Programme?

No, only if you want to!

However, we’re sure you’ll want to take part in our fun and interesting activities with the friends that you make at Maus School.

Does the C&F Programme run all year?

There are activities almost every week of the school year. No activities take place over Christmas or other events in Spain or our school’s calendar.

There are also no activities in July or August.

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